Who has the Best Commercial Truck Insurance?

Who has the best commercial truck insurance

If you work in commercial transportation, you understand the value of having the finest insurance on your side. Navigating the multitude of alternatives might be like traveling through new territory, but don’t worry –

Before we get into the specifics, consider why commercial vehicle insurance is essential. Your big rig is more than simply a vehicle; it’s your way of life on wheels.

Whether you’re transporting items across the nation or doing local deliveries, having the correct insurance protects you against unexpected roadblocks, such as accidents, theft, or unforeseen disasters. we’re here to help you get the best commercial truck insurance.

The Fundamentals of Commercial Truck Insurance

First and foremost, let’s go over the fundamentals. Commercial truck insurance is a sort of coverage designed specifically for trucks used for commercial purposes.

Whether you own a vehicle or manage a fleet, getting the correct insurance is critical to protecting your investment and adhering to the regulations.

Important Coverage Components

When shopping for the finest commercial truck insurance, it’s critical to understand the coverage’s key components. Look for policies that include:

Liability coverage: protects you if your truck is involved in an accident and it is your responsibility.
Cargo Coverage: This protects the items your truck is transporting.

Cargo Coverage: This protects the items your truck is transporting.

Physical Damage Coverage: This covers damages to your truck if it is in an accident or otherwise damaged.

Bobtail insurance: protects you while your vehicle isn’t transporting anything.

List of the Best Commercial Truck Insurance Companies


Progressive is one of the largest firms in the United States that provides commercial truck insurance. They provide coverage for a variety of vehicles and enterprises, ranging from large rigs and flatbeds to pickups and dumper trucks.

Progressive also offers specialized optional coverage, such as garagekeeper’s legal responsibility for pull truck operators, as well as popular add-ons like heavy truck breakdown assistance.

They promise to file all needed proof-of-insurance certificates on behalf of policyholders with the federal and state governments at no additional expense.

Progressive is pleased to be the one insurer with a completely in-house claims staff. All of these factors combine to make Progressive the top overall commercial truck insurance.

However, there are a few things to think about with Progressive. They do not provide main liability insurance to owner-operator “super regional” truckers who cover a radius of greater than 500 miles in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, or New York.

While Progressive’s website has greater details about its policies than many other firms, you must still deal with an agent to complete the estimate process and purchase coverage.


  • Protection for a wide range of trucks and transportation firms
  • Free filings for state and federal insurance
  • operates in all 50 states


  • Travel radius restrictions may apply.
  • Policy cannot be purchased online; must interact with an agent.

Insurance Coverage Types

  • Personal injury/property damage liability
  • Uninsured/underinsured driver
  • Medical expenses
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Cargo via truck
  • General responsibility for trucks
  • Liability for non-trucking incidents
  • Roadside assistance for heavy trucks
  • Rental reimbursement in conjunction with rental
  • Trailer swapping
  • Legal responsibility of the garage keeper
  • Towing insurance on the hook

Cover Wallet

Cover Wallet is a digital insurance brokerage, not an insurance business. They work with ten third-party insurers to assist clients choose the best coverage for their unique needs, including His cox, Chubb, Travelers, and Progressive.

These organizations are on our list of the finest small business insurance providers. Cover Wallet may be a viable option for owners and operators considering the insurers with whom they partner provide a variety of specialty coverages.

This covers both hot shot truck insurance for independent contractors who take on short-notice hauls and standard owner-operator insurance.

Unlike some other providers, you may be able to receive a quotation and purchase coverage without speaking with an agent. However, in some cases, dealing with a representative is required. Some consumers may prefer to deal with you.


  • Quotes are offered either online or through an agent.
    Works with many insurers to obtain the most affordable coverage.
  • Covers a wide range of vehicles and drivers from a variety of sectors.


  • It is not an insurance business and does not underwrite the products it provides.
  • It is possible that you will be unable to purchase coverage online.

Coverage Types In Insurance

  • Box Truck 
  • Bobtail 
  • Hot Shot Truck 
  • Motor Truck Cargo 
  • Refrigerated Truck 
  • Semi Truck 
  • Car Hauler 
  • Dump Truck 
  • Flatbed Truck 
  • General Liability for Truckers
  • Owner Operator Insurance
  • Log Truck 
  • Non-Trucking Liability 
  • Trailer Interchange 
  • Commercial Trailer 
  • Truck Driver 
  • Long Haul Trucking 


Good for Individuals and Groups: Sentry


  • Specializes in insurance for cars and trucks used for business
  • Available all across the country


  • Limited information about insurance coverage on their website
  • You can’t buy a policy online

Sentry is a company that focuses on providing insurance specifically for business vehicles like cars and trucks. They are available all over the country. However, the downside is that there is not much detailed information about the coverage they offer on their website, and you can’t purchase a policy online.


Types of coverage offered:

  1. Insurance for vehicles used for business purposes (covers rented vehicles, bodily injury/physical damage, loss-of-use expenses due to theft)
  2. Insurance for physical damage (includes coverage for collision, comprehensive, and named perils)
  3. Insurance for the cargo carried by motor trucks
  4. Liability insurance for non-business use
  5. General liability coverage (includes medical expenses, legal expenses, and coverage for physical damage)

Consider the following factors:

Customized Protection:

The greatest commercial vehicle insurance does not come in one size fits all. Look for insurance that may be tailored to your individual need. Consider physical damage, liability, cargo, and downtime coverage to ensure you’re covered in a variety of circumstances.

Affordability without Sacrifice:

We all enjoy a good deal. Look for insurance companies that provide reasonable prices without sacrificing coverage. After all, you want to safeguard your vehicle and your business without going broke.

Customer Feedback Speaks Volumes:

In the trucking industry, word-of-mouth referrals are extremely valuable. Examine customer reviews to see how insurance companies handle claims, customer service, and overall satisfaction. A dependable supplier is an important part of your trip.

What is the best insurance company for commercial vehicles?

Commercial Auto Insurance Ratings & Reviews

  • Progressive. Best Overall. Get Quote. Call: (877) 583-0792.
  • NEXT Insurance. Best for Small Business. Get Quote.
  • biBERK. Best for High-Risk Drivers. Call: (405) 289-8603. Get Quote. …
  • Farmers. Best for Contractors. Get Quote.
  • Geico. Best for Rideshare. Get Quote.
  • Nationwide. Runner-Up. Get Quote.

What is the best freight insurance company?

Progressive is the best choice for commercial truck insurance because they offer a lot of different coverage and features. They don’t just give you quotes online and let you choose how much coverage you need; they also let you pick how you want to pay. Plus, they have experts who can help you if you’re a commercial truck customer.

What is the best commercial insurance?

Best small business insurance companies

  • Best overall: Nationwide.
  • Best for independent contractors: Next Insurance.
  • Best for small businesses: The Hartford.
  • Best for medium-sized businesses: Chubb.
  • Best for customer satisfaction: State Farm.
  • Best for worker’s compensation coverage: Travelers.

Final Post Wrap

Choosing the best commercial truck insurance is a crucial decision for any trucker. By considering factors like coverage options, affordability, customer reviews, roadside assistance, and deductible flexibility, you can navigate the insurance landscape with confidence.

Explore the offerings of providers like Progressive Commercial, Geico Commercial, and Truck Insurance Specialists to find the perfect fit for your trucking journey. Remember, the road ahead is unpredictable, but the right insurance ensures you’re prepared for whatever it may bring. Safe travels!

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