Top 10 Expensive Police Cars in the World 2024

Expensive Police Cars in the World

Police cars help keep us safe. Some countries buy very fast cars for their police officers. These cars are so expensive, they cost as much as the cars rich people drive.

Some people think this is a waste of money, but others say it’s needed to catch bad guys who drive fast cars too. Today, we’ll see the 10 most expensive police cars in the world.

We’ll check out cool cars like Dubai’s super-fast Bugatti Veyron, costing a whopping $4 million, and Austria’s stylish Porsche Carrera 911, a fast police car that’s worth $95,000.

Each car has its special tale that involves crime, technology, and how a country wants to be seen.

You might feel amazed, impressed, and maybe a little confused by the amazing world of super pricey police cars.

What is the most expensive police cars?

1: UAE (Abu Dhabi) – Bugatti Veyron – $4 Million+

In Abu Dhabi, there are some cool police cars, and one of them is the Bugatti Veyron. This car can go super fast, up to 267 miles per hour, making it probably the quickest on our list.

But here’s the interesting part: these super police cars in Dubai aren’t just for catching bad guys or stopping crooks. They’re more like decorations, showing off how rich Dubai is more than anything else.

UAE (Abu Dhabi) – Bugatti Veyron

2: Germany – Mercedes Benz Brabus Rocket – $580,000

Germany has some fancy car makers, so it makes sense that expensive cars are used by the police there. They use these cars to catch bad guys and watch over the roads.

One of their special fast cars is the Mercedes Benz Brabus Rocket CLS. This car has a huge 6.3L V12 Biturbo 800 engine that helps it go super fast, up to 228 miles per hour.

Germany – Mercedes Benz Brabus Rocket

3: UAE (Dubai) – Lamborghini Aventador – $450,000

The Lamborghini Aventador is a cool car, and the police in Dubai have it in their collection of fancy police cars. This car has a strong V12 engine that gives it 700 horsepower, and it can go fast, up to 217 miles per hour.

But here’s the thing – in Dubai, they don’t use all that power much. They mostly drive it around to show off how rich and fancy Dubai is, which is something the people in Dubai like to do.

UAE (Dubai) – Lamborghini Aventador

4: England – Lamborghini Murcielago – $380,000

The Lamborghini Murcielago is already a big and fast car with its speedy engine and smooth shape. When they make it ready for the police, it looks even scarier.

Inside, there’s a 10-cylinder V9 engine that makes a loud noise with a maximum of 550 horsepower, and it can go as fast as 199 miles per hour.

Trying to run away from this super-fast car is almost like trying to do something impossible.

England – Lamborghini Murcielago

5: Italy – Lamborghini Huracan – $250,000

These cars aren’t just pretty to look at; they are ready to do important police jobs.

The police car has super modern cameras and systems to recognize and track things, and if someone is sick, the trunk is like a special fridge to keep organs safe.

This car is great for emergencies when they need to go super fast, up to 200 miles an hour.

Italy – Lamborghini Huracan

6: South Africa – Lamborghini Gallardo – $248,000

The South African Police have a really fast car called the Lamborghini Gallardo. It’s smooth and speedy.

This car has a crazy V10 engine that makes 570 horsepower, and it can go for a long distance—476 miles to be exact.

People can’t stop talking about how speedy the Lamborghini Gallardo is. Besides South Africa, Italy and the United Kingdom also use this supercar for their police work.

South Africa – Lamborghini Gallardo

7: Qatar – Porsche Panamera – $175,000

The police in Qatar have a lot of super cool cars. They have the famous Porsche Panamera and also the Porsche Cayennes.

The reason is, that the Qatari government owns a part of Porsche, so getting these awesome cars for the police is easy.

Besides the supercars, the police in Qatar also use BMW motorcycles and Toyota Land Cruiser V8s to drive around and keep the roads safe.

Qatar – Porsche Panamera

8: UAE (Abu Dhabi) – Nissan GT-R – $100,000

The Abu Dhabi police really like the Nissan GT-R. These strong and fast cars are mainly used to show off and make people happy.

But in some places, police use the Nissan GT-R to chase bad guys or do secret operations, which is what police usually do. If they need to, the Nissan GT-R can go super fast and be powerful on the road.

UAE (Abu Dhabi) – Nissan GT-R

9: Austria – Porsche Carrera 911 – $95,000

The Austrian Police have a really fast car called the Porsche Carrera 911. It can go as fast as 186 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest police cars in Austria and in the whole world.

Inside the car, there’s a special 6-cylinder engine that helps it go really, really fast and perform really well.

Austria – Porsche Carrera 911

10: UK and Australia – Lotus Exige Cruiser – $84,000

Going fast is super important in a car chase. In the United Kingdom and Australia, they use the Lotus Exige Cruiser for this. The car has a really strong engine with 220 horsepower, making it go as fast as 140 mph.

The police officers who get to drive this special car are carefully chosen from lots of people, and they go through tough training for many months to be really good at it.

UK and Australia – Lotus Exige Cruiser

Final Post Conclusion

These top 10 most expensive police cars show how police choose different kinds to keep people safe.

Even though their main job is to make sure everyone follows the rules, these super fast and stylish cars also show how police cars are changing.

They’re becoming faster and fancier. As technology gets better, we can only guess what the future will bring for the fanciest police cars in the world.

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